Hey, Guess who came to visit us during our last practice?

The Grove City Chorus is back in Action, and practicing in person together! As a matter of fact, we recently performed in Calgary, on May 28!

And!  We are having an open house/open rehearsal on June 2.  Come by and check us out.  Maybe you’d like to sing with us.

We are a unique community of male singers who gather together in celebration of our love for barbershop harmony. We currently have a number of enthusiastic members from the greater Edmonton area who meet weekly for a harmony filled, sociable evening preparing for performances and competitions. We are a non-profit chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) open to all men who love to sing and harmonize in the Barbershop A Cappella style of music.

We are a chapter of Barbershop Harmony Society.

Our directors are the wonderful Carolyne Oehlerking, Robin Saumer & Jim Moran. They inspire us to reach new heights with each performance.  We can be heard throughout the year, singing for civic and charitable organizations, private groups, churches, community events, and fundraisers. We are very much looking forward to present some performances to the public in the very near future.