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List of Regular Rep Songs

This will be reviewed list will be reviewed and amended January and August/September underline means new Summer Boardwalk In My Room Wouldn’t it Be Nice Disney Can You Feel the Love Tonight? You’ve Got a Friend in Me Remember Me   Gospel TBD Swing Low No More Sorrow   The Good Ol’ Days It’s a …

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List of Christmas Songs

Traditional GCC Christmas songs- Listed as their respective titles (note “The” is found under T) on the website’s sheet music and audio tracks underline means new 1) The Christmas song – Robin 2) Jingle Bell Rock – Robin 3) Rudolph – Robin 4) Santa Clause is Coming to Town – Robin 5) Silver Bells* – Robin …

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Program May 1/19

Program for May Day (May Day!!!) 7:00. Warmup 7:20. Rehearsal block 8:15. Business/ intro tag 8:35. Rehearsal block 9:25. Irish Blessing 9:30. Cleanup followed by optional qteting/VLQ fun 9:55. Qteting/VLQ Performance 10:00. Time, gentlemen, please… Riser/water breaks as necessary during Rehearsal Blocks Songs to have on hand: Competition: Good Day and You’ve Got a Friend …

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April 17/19 rehearsal

Hello Fine Fellows!!! Here’s a flexible program for this Wednesday.  There will be quite a bit of non-singing time, especially at the beginning, so I would ask that we keep chatter to an absolute minimum (or zero!), and let those in charge discuss and do what they need to do without chirping from the peanut …

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April 3 Program addendum

Hi again!! Addition to Program for this Wednesday… Kel and Gord will be kindly sizing us for vests over the course of the evening, so we’ll need to be flexible in order to get this done. A big Thanks to them for all the work they do for all of us!!!!!

Program for April 3/19

Hi Fellows! Here’s Attempt #2 at posting the program!!! With a 3-hour window with which to work, I’ll be making changes and fine tuning my template as we proceed from here. Reminder: dress in chorus garb for pictures this coming Wednesday!!! 7:00. Warmup 7:10. Rehearsal block 8:00. Water and business #1 8:10. Tag or Woodshedding- …

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Program for March 27/19

  Here’s my first attempt at posting our program on our new page… thanks, Kevin, for all your hard work for us!! 8:00 –  Warmup – posture, vowel equalization, dynamics + tone quality 8:10-  Can you feel the Love Tonight? –  on the risers 8:25-  Chariots –  listening for our unit sound 8:40-  King of …

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Want to Sing with us?

Leave a message below with your email address and telephone number so that one of us friendly guys can contact you. OR Contact Cal Wrathall directly at: (home phone) 780-477-8105 (mobile) 780-993-8105 (email)

March 20 Practice

Happy above-zero temps, guys!! 8:00. Warmup plus Let Me Call You Sweetheart… JPB p. 21 8:10. You ve Got a Friend 8:25. Silhouettes – notes n words check!!! 8:40. You Raise Me Up sectionals and octets 9:00. Water n Cal s cookies n birthdays 9:10 Tag 9:15. Banana SP on tuning 9:25. Can You Feel …

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Hey…a NEW website!!!

Nice work Kevin.  I see the beginnings of a very nice site. Dave J

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